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Outdoor games

Outdoor games

You are always allowed to play and have adventures at the Elves’ Village! The Elves’ Village yard is full of exciting activities which get the whole family involved.

Elf chess

Is chess a game of life, or is life a game of chess? Why don’t you come down to the Elves’ Village and find out?

Elf chess is like regular chess, only the board is a 4 x 4 metre playing field, and the chess pieces are also almost 1 metre tall. Elf chess is located right in front of the Elves’ Village front door.

You can play Elf chess during our opening hours for €5 / hour.

Elves’ Village mini golf

Everyone knows that the Elves’ have always played mini golf with shovels and turnips, but since we are sometimes a little formal in the Elves’ Village, we decided to start renting out mini golf clubs just like any other mini golf course.

You can play a round of mini golf at the 9-hole mini golf course and hone in on your mini golfing skills and find out who is the best putter and who has what it takes to win. Along the beautiful green mini golf course in the Elves’ Village, there is also a place for campfires, garden swings, a playground with balancing blocks and a treasure ship for children and for the young at heart.

Mini golf clubs and golf balls can be hired from the Elves’ Village. I came, I saw, I conquered! Welcome to our mini golf course!

Elves’ frisbee golf

The elves’ full-scale Frisbee golf course will be remodelled during the summer and autumn of 2020, but we’ve left some Frisbee golf baskets in the courtyard for you to see if this is a fun sport for you.

Frisbee golf discs are available for a €5 deposit from the Elves’ Village Café.

Having fun playing mini golf is one of the most important things in mini golf, just like in life, and should come first and foremost.