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The buildings and the Elves’ Village courtyard

Elves’ storehouses

The Temple

The Elves’ Experience Village courtyard is full of gorgeous log buildings, each with its own story.

There’s a riverbank sauna, temple, horse stable, kilns and some storehouses in the courtyard. The Hotel Taivaanvalkeat courtyard is intriguing in both summer and winter because the buildings are located by the beautiful Ounasjoki river right in the middle of the fields full of flowers. In the wintertime, the open courtyard is illuminated by the Northern Lights, moonlight, starry skies, outdoor lights and millions of Christmas lights.

The Temple

This pleasant Temple in the Elves’ Village is located in the Elves’ Experience Village courtyard and it is a place you should definitely visit!

The Temple’s window paintings were inspired by the solar cycle, the window by the door of the Temple is oriented toward the east and the other window of the Temple is oriented toward the west. Thousands of fairies dance in the Elves’ Village Temple mosaic windows from dawn to dusk on sunny days. The glass mosaic artwork in the Temple was created by artist Marika Bonsdorff.

The idea behind the Temple is that any guest who comes here can spend a quiet moment in the Temple with his or her book of faith in their own language.  Books of faith already exist in several languages.

The beautiful Temple is decorated with cross-stitch art and other cultural heritage objects have been collected and donated to the Temple.

In honour of Kalle Mukkala, the original owner of Elves’ Village estate, his headstone has been put next to the Temple wall closest to the riverside since his gravesite expired in 2010 at the Kittilä cemetery.

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Elves’ storehouses

There are three lovely storehouses that have been turned into “Elf Museums”. The Elves’ storehouses are open for customers to admire when the Elves’ Village opens in the morning.

The Elvish residents in the storehouses adore children, but even adults can be pleasantly surprised when they take a peek inside!



Riverside kiln

The riverside kiln has an “ancient times” sort of feel to it. You can enjoy some time here right after bathing in the riverside sauna, and between sauna sessions you can enjoy a leisurely snack, or even hold a different kind of meeting. There was even a time when someone had their wedding reception by the kiln!

The windows of the riverside kiln open up towards the gorgeous river landscape of the Ounasjoki river. The riverside kiln also is an intimate accommodation, party and conference room location as it has  a large table for eight, a fireplace and its own mini kitchen and private toilet. We can cater to your favourite dishes by the riverside kilns – the only limit is your own imagination.

There is also a pit for preparing our Robber’s Roast and a fireplace in the  courtyard by the kiln and you can also try to cook your own Robber’s Roast.

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Riverside sauna

The black sauna stones make soothing sounds and make bathers forget the worries of everyday life!

The Elves’ Village traditional riverside sauna is surrounded by a beautiful rustic, Lappish rural surroundings located on Ounasjoki riverbank. The building was originally used as a sauna at the old Pallasselkä logging site and it was moved to Köngäs in 1995. The sauna benches can seat up to 15 bathers at a time, and the large wood-heated stove releases a mild heat. Sauna bathers can use the cosy riverside kiln which has a private toilet which can be used as a changing room and is only a few steps away.

All sorts of sauna events are held at the riverside sauna, including bridal sauna, sauna meeting, stag do/hen night sauna, sauna yoga, peat sauna, or Laplandic power herb sauna… Let’s come up with the best sauna experience for your group together! Contact the Hullu Poro sales service team to book your sauna event by calling +358 16 6510 500


Blacksmith’s workshop

Welcome to the new build – Blacksmith’s workshop – which is made in the old style.
Do you know everything that has been done with these tools and goods in the past?

Story of the Elf in a yellow dress -book and Elf in a ayellow dress and secret of Seita Stone -book is available on the Tonttula Café and www.hulluporo.fi/webshop (We can deliver books only inside the EU.)

Gingerbread House, Elf School and The Hut of Knowledge