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Cafe and restaurant Tonttula

Cafe and restaurant Tonttula

Every day is Christmas at the Elves’ Village. You will feel the Christmas atmosphere as you enter the main building at the Elves’ Village. There is so much to see that new visitors don’t know what to see first. First-time visitors usually stand in the doorway marvelling and sighing in wonder. Moving elves on one wall, and magnificent raanus (a traditional Finnish weft-faced coverlet, used as coverlets, sofa throws and wall hangings) adorn the other wall.

Stop by the café

The long tables are covered with creative rag rugs. You can spend quite a long time in the main building, and while you’re there, you can enjoy a bite to eat.

The waitress makes the coffee table look pretty and puts the coffee kettle on.

Even those who are skiing or sledding can take a detour and come and enjoy themselves here.

A great place for group dining

The blazing fire in the stone fireplace at Elves’ Village and the relaxed atmosphere provide the perfect environment for group dining for lunch or dinner.

Heavenly Feasts

The restaurant’s speciality Heavenly Feasts is served on long wooden platters with Lappish delicacies that you don’t want to miss out on.

You can get here easily

The Elves’ Village is located near Levi and is located as far from the centre of Levi as it is from the Levi Etelärinteet (South Slopes).

Come and enjoy a cup of coffee by bike in the summer, or by cross-country ski in the winter. You can get there by ski or snowmobile by going across the sunlit frozen Ounasjoki river in the spring. There is a snowmobile track goes all the way into the courtyard.

The Elves’ Attic

The 300m2 highly customisable Elves’ Attic is located on the top floor of the main building at the Elves’ Village. The Elves’ Attic is a great venue to host a theatre production or for dancing.