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1. Tonttula Café & Souvenier shop / Reception

Every day is Christmas at the Elves’ Village. You will feel the Christmas atmosphere as you enter the main building at the Elves’ Village.

Café is open every day 10 am. – 4 pm.

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2. Hotel Taivaanvalkeat

Have an unforgettable experience at Hotel Taivaanvalkeat. This is an excellent place for groups, families or just for you when you want to experience something a bit different.

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3. Country House

Next to the main house is a separate Country house of four bedrooms, kitchen and sauna. It can be reserved together with the main house for up to 38 persons or for smaller group to stay privately.

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4. Elf’s cabin

The Elf’s cabin is a 120 m² detached cottage in the Elf’s courtyard with its own private sauna.

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5. Aurora Pyramids

When you stay at the glass-roofed Aurora Pyramids, you can almost touch the ever-changing sky, nature and its forces. Heavenly nature and the Firmament present themselves through the glass roof in a new way, every day. The Aurora pyramids (11 of them) are situated at Tonttula Experience village.

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6. Northern Lights Hut

The two-storey Northern Lights Hut can be used for programmed evenings, birthdays, wedding receptions, corporate events and recreation.

In the heart of the Northern Lights Hut downstairs, there is a large fireplace and tables set up for up to 40 people.

The Northern Lights Hut has underfloor heating and toilet facilities.

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7. Riverside sauna

The traditional riverside sauna was made of logs and this one was originally an old lumberjacks’ hut.  The sauna benches can seat up to 15 bathers at a time, and the large wood-heated stove releases a mild heat..

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8. Riverside kiln

The kiln next to the sauna is a comfortable place to continue the evening where you can sit by the fire, enjoying a cold drink or even dinner.

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9. Henhouse

The Elves’ Village has beautiful chickens which are a cross between two chicken breeds, the dwarf chicken and the silkie. They love broadleaf plantain, and they all have their own crazy habits. One of the chickens is called Pikku-Musta (Little Blacky). Pikku-Musta is the most interested in people and sometimes likes to play hide-and-seek.

10. Tempple

This pleasant Temple in the Elves’ Village is located in the Elves’ Experience Village courtyard and it is a place you should definitely visit!

The idea behind the Temple is that any guest who comes here can spend a quiet moment in the Temple with his or her book of faith in their own language. Books of faith already exist in several languages.

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11. Blacksmith’s workshop

Welcome to the new build – Blacksmith’s workshop – which is made in the old style.
Do you know everything that has been done with these tools and goods in the past?

Story of the Elf in a yellow dress -book and Elf in a ayellow dress and secret of Seita Stone -book is available on the Tonttula Café and www.hulluporo.fi/webshop (We can deliver books only inside the EU.)

12. Water demondell

Forest demons live in the middle of a gloomy forest in Demondell, where the head of the demons rule over them. Demons hide in demon castles that just look like piles of stones to humans. But if you see a large sword by a door, you know demons live there. In the water, these evil spirits are ruled by the Water Demon, who harasses fishermen. Earth demons live close by the gnomes’ dwellings.

On Elf in a yellow dress and The Secret of the Seita Stone book you can read more!

13. Gold panning

Try your luck panning gold at Elves Village!

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14. Herb garden

One of the Forest Elf’s favourite hobbies is collecting natural herbs and mixing them to help people. You might be able to sniff out the sweet grass, or the birch stalks dried last summer.

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15. Elves bath

The elves do their own thing in the hiding places of the Experience Forest. Lucky wanderers may find an elf’s hut, nursing hut or a hideaway hole.

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16. Demondell

17. Elves Hideaway

The Experience Forest Path leads guests to the most secret place in the elven world, The Elves’ Hideaway.

The Elves’ Hideaway are located Gingerbread house, Elf School and The Hut of Knowledge.

* This is great spot take a pic! Please use #elvesvillage that we can see your wonderfull pic!

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18. Bear chair

“The Bear-Chair stood majestically on the mossy forest floor. Sailor-Smith Elf had done some fine work. The features of the sacred animal were just like a real bear, and it was good to sink into its lap. At first, the seat felt a bit hard under her bottom, but after a while it felt as if she was sitting on a thick, soft pillow, it was so warm and comfy. The sitter felt safe, too – she was now in the lap of the bear, the king of the forest.”
On Elf in a yellow dress and The Secret of the Seita Stone book you can read more!


19. Seita stone

You will see a large stone. A giant fir has grown on it since long ago. In the stump, all that’s left now of the fir, there’s a crow’s nest. This is the dwelling of the Great Avariti, who watches carefully anyone who approaches the stone. The roots of the fir have wound into the cracks of the stone over hundreds of years. You have arrived at the Seita-stone.

* This is great spot take a pic! Please use #elvesvillage that we can see your wonderfull pic!

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20. Santas vehicles

Santa’s vehicles Höpsö helicopter, Rudolf rednose’s sleigh, 200-year-old bike and gift sleigh

21. Nativity scene barn

There is an exhibition of Nativity scene in the barn.

22. Cheeps

Baa baas are the Elves’ Village sheep and they are the mother of twins, the timid Nipsu and the lively Nöpsö which both love food. The sheep’s favourite foods are fireweed, bread, roots, and especially carrots. Sometimes these cunning sheep, which are also fond of delicacies, decide to go on a food hunt by themselves because they know where the elves keep their dried bread. After their food hunt, they quickly return to their safe paddock.

In the summer, the sheep take care of the lawn and the riverbank. In the winter, the Knitting Elf Nuttu knits wool socks and mittens using their wool.

23. Outdoor chess

You can play chess in the yard