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Character gallery

Character gallery

Character gallery

You will experience surprising things under the shelter of the vast surroundings and a shady forest in the Köngäs village. The Elves’ Village’s reindeer Valkko, Täplä and Nulkkis, as well as the horses Laku, Gini and Tronic live here by the Ounasjoki river.
The sheep, horses and chickens live in a stable in the care of the Stable Elf during the wintertime.


Reindeer are wild, Arctic and semi-domesticated animals are highly valued in the Elves’ Village.

There is a large reindeer paddock in the Elves’ Village where the reindeer graze. When necessary, the reindeer help out when there is a need to transport goods or elves over longer distances.

The Elves’ Village reindeer horns grow very fast, up to two centimetres a day. This is why they have been used to make many kinds of necessities in the Elves’ Village, starting from the porridge scoops to lamps and earrings.
The most famous reindeer in the village is the white reindeer, Kalle. Kalle never misses a chance for a photo opportunity, and you can spot Kalle in almost every Hullu Poro ad!

All of the elves take care of the reindeer, but the Forest Elf Veli and Sailor-Smith Elf particularly like to hang out with them.

Baa Baa the sheep

Baa baas are the Elves’ Village sheep and they are the mother of twins, the timid Nipsu and the lively Nöpsö which both love food. The sheep’s favourite foods are fireweed, bread, roots, and especially carrots. Sometimes these cunning sheep, which are also fond of delicacies, decide to go on a food hunt by themselves because they know where the elves keep their dried bread. After their food hunt, they quickly return to their safe paddock.

In the summer, the sheep take care of the lawn and the riverbank. In the winter, the Knitting Elf Nuttu knits wool socks and mittens using their wool.


The friendly little wild ponies in the Elves’ Village love a good scratch! The black pony’s name is Laku, the grey pony is called Gini, and the white one is Tronic.

Their favourite thing to do is play pony ball, which is why the ponies have their own football in the paddock.

Please note! Our ponies have a very special diet, so visitors are kindly asked not to feed the ponies and leave that job to the stable elves who will provide food for them. There’s an electric fence around the paddock, so be careful not to get an electric shock from the fence when you go and say hello to the ponies.

The chicken coop

The Elves’ Village has beautiful chickens which are a cross between two chicken breeds, the dwarf chicken and the silkie. They love broadleaf plantain, and they all have their own crazy habits. One of the chickens is called Pikku-Musta (Little Blacky). Pikku-Musta is the most interested in people and sometimes likes to play hide-and-seek.

Viiru (Streak) is a handsome rooster that wakes the Elves up in the morning from his lookout point located on a beautiful tree log. Pulu (Pigeon) and Kultasiipi (Gold Wing) are the mother figures of the flock of hens who collectively take care of their own kind and those of others.

The Elves’ Village chickens are very productive in laying eggs, and that’s very fortunate for the Elves’ Village folk who love pancakes and bake their famous pancake in Elves’ Village every day.

The Elf in the Yellow Dress loves the chickens in Elves’ Village and is often spotted near the chicken coop.