Sauna and barn by the river bank

Traditional wooden sauna at the river bank used to be an old lumberjacks´ hut. Even 15 person can sit on the wide benches of this sauna at the same time. Enormous stove gives smooth sauna bath. Local sauna peat mask or honey mask completes the sauna experience. At the terrace there is a hot whirlpool where all the stars in the sky can be seen. With a bit of luck even northern lights can be seen. Wild River Ounasjoki is just besides the sauna and you can dip into its pure, fresh water both in the summer and winter time. After the sauna a charming barn invites to relax.


Peat or honey body mask in the sauna

These masks may effect in the warmth of the sauna. Peat mask increases metabolism. Honey mask peels, moisturizes, revitalizes and treats the skin in a natural way.


”Hot spring” – a hot whirlpool under the lappish sky

Bathing outside is a true experience both in winter and summer. Freshness of the pure air, warm water and massaging water showers create perfect circumstances for relaxing. A bit of frost, Aurora borealis, countless stars, quietness and nature give extra pleasure. The pool is for six persons.


A hole in the ice

During winter time the most daring ones take a breezy dip in to cold water between bathing.


Barn by the river bank

Near the sauna is a cozy barn where it is nice to spend the night after the sauna. Beside the open fire in the oven some cold drinks and snacks tastes even better than somewhere else. From the window there is a beautiful scene out to the river. Peace and quietness give the place a unique character.


Dinner in the main house

Local delicacy like reindeer, salmon or Lappish potatoes are served in to the long table. A memorable dinner is guaranteed.


Price for the sauna 360 €/ 3 h inc. sauna and barn. Group size 6-15 person. Reservations all year round.


Extra services:

– whirl pool 12 €/hlö

– peat or honey mask for the body 6 €/hlö

– towel 6 €/hlö

– dinner starting from 35 €/person

– preparing robbers´roast or blazing salmon starting from 140 €

– drinks

– sauna snacks

– transportation from Levi


Barn can be rented separately 150 €/2 h.


Arriving by car 10 min Leviltä and 30 min from Kittilä airport. In the summer free village bikes can loaned from Levi. It takes about 30 min to cycle to Elves Hideaway.


Reservations and further information: Hullu Poro sales service tel. +358 16 6510 500 or