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Spend a peaceful and calming day in a small Lappish village. Feel the good vibes of forest. Let the story of the northern lights lead you to relaxation. Absorb and enjoy the good energy that a traditional Finnish sauna can create.

Day starts at 10.00

Expedition to the forest guided by our Forest elf

This funny little elf knows a lot about the power of forest. He helps you notice the wonders of the nature and tells stories about animals which live in Lapland. You have a chance to breathe the purest air in all Europe and you will feel the relaxing effect that walking in nature has. It is proven by The Natural Resources Institute Finland that 20 min in the forest lowers your blood pressure and has a good impact on your mood. On this tour you will see the free flowing River Ounasjoki, the birch trees on the riverbank, tall pine trees and spruces covered with beard moss and moist peat land with its unique plants.

Northern Lights relaxation

After the walk in the forest enjoy a relaxation exercise in a beautiful Northern Lights room. You will hear the story how these magical lights were born and experience a wonderfully relaxing moment.

Soup lunch at 12.00

Lunch is served in the Elves Hideaway restaurant.

Free time between 13.00-15.00

There are lots of activities in the courtyard. You can also loan a bike or walking sticks and jog around in Köngäs village. It is possible to book treatments made with local stones, herbal oils or peat. Guided exercises 15 €/person, treatments from 45 €/person. Restaurant Elves Hideaway is open at 12.00-16.00.

Herb school at 15.15

Get to know the Lappish power herbs. Herbs are collected from the herb garden of Elves Hideaway and prepared for use in tees, foods and treatments. Make your own herbal bag for your favorite tee to bring back home.

Traditional sauna with sauna hostess at 16.30

Relax in the warmth of this atmospheric Finnish sauna by the river. Our sauna hostess makes sure you feel comfortable during the sauna visit. You will get to try the vasta (birch whisk) and the hostess will wash your back with linen mitten if you wish. Nature’s magic drink, chaga tee, is served after the sauna in the cozy barn.

Group size: 6-20 persons
Program available: June-September

Reservation and prices: sales@hulluporo.fi or +358 16 6510500