Experience village Elves Hideaway

Step into a fairy tale
– gateway into the secret world of ancient beliefs

In Finnish Lapland, near the popular Ski Resort Levi and its high-standard services, is a place called Elves Hideaway, where visitors have the opportunity to peek into a whole different world, a world in which the wild nature, ancient forests, fresh air, pure water and human beings all exist as one.  Here, time stops and all hurry is forgotten.

Elves Hideaway Café and Souvenir shop

Open 10:00 am. – 4:00 pm.

Group reservations for lunch and dinner available (minimum 30 people).
More information and reservations  sales@hulluporo.fi

Daily at 10 – 16.00

Price 15 € / person, free under 3 years
An independent tour with an adventure program including free walking around Experience Village. Please download free program on your phone AppStore or PlayStore.
Transfer to and from Levi are not included.


In Köngäs village sheltered by large courtyard and gloomy forest one may take a peek at elves living. Here by the river bank of River Ounas lives Stable-Elf with its horse friends Wilsson, Oliver and Lurifax. The reindeer’s follow visitors with their gaze. Forrest elf´s favorite job is collecting wild herbs and refine them for people to use. One may get a change to smell sweet grass or dried birch trees from last summer.


Elves Village – official home of elves

Elves Village is a magical destination based on stories, fantasy, culture and mythology of Lapland. It doesn´t compete with traditional amusement parks. There are two strong traveling trends in Elves Village: nature and culture.

Elves Village is situated in Levi, Köngäs village. It only takes 20 minutes to drive from the Kittilä airport to Köngäs. Hotel Taivaanvalkeat is situated in the middle of the village. Meetings and events can be arranged in the main building. The courtyard offers wide selection of activities. Elves village is a perfect destination for groups, families and individual travellers who want to experience something different.

The spacious yard offers plenty to do for all ages around the year. At Tonttula you can spend a nice day-off with the family or relax after a day in a meeting. Children may play in the barns and get to know to elf living. Even adults can be surprised to see what is inside the barns. In a little chapel the silence is music for the ears. It is also a stage for memorable weddings. In the barn beside the river with fire in the oven a group of ten can really experience the magic of Lapland. Next to it is a traditional old sauna and a hot pool under the starry sky.  Bigger groups can spend the evening tasting delicious Lappish snacks in the Northern Lights hut. Maybe you´ll find your inner elf during your visit..


Elves Hideaway – Hidden Huts

Hiding in the magical forest the elves have a plenty to do. The path leads you to to most secret place of the elves world, Hidden huts. Step in to a real Gingerbread house, Wise Elf house or Elves School. The place transpires the strong energy of nature. Walking through the forest makes you realize the beautiful details of nature which may be hidden in the heat of the ordinary busy life. Calmness of the forest is restored in wanderer’s heart and he can carry on with peaceful mind.

Santa and Mrs. Claus visit Elves experience village on regular basis to spend time with their elf friends and village visitors. This is a perfect chance for the whole family to experience the magic of Christmas.

Winter adventure with an elf, husky dog sledging, reindeer sledging, snowshoe walking, ice fishing and snowmobile sledging. These are just few activities that our Elves Safari Shop can arrange for groups, families and individual travellers. You can enjoy a hot soup lunch in our cozy restaurant or come and watch elf films in our movie theatre. Elves Village is filled with fun things to do.

Summer time we offer a forrest trip with elves, gold panning, miniature golf with 18 routes, chess game outside and sauna by the river and swimming.


Hotel Taivaanvalkeat

The unique Hotel Taivaanvalkeat is a part of Tonttula Village.. is an excellent place for groups, couples and families. This quiet country setting offers rustic accommodation, a bit of luxury and heavenly food. This hotel has 9 double rooms and 4 family rooms and traditional Country House can accommodate 8-10 persons.


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