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Feel Good

Experience an energizing night at Aurora Pyramids. Take yourself closer to the nature. For two person from 200€ / night. Code: AURORA50 / AURORA40

Feel Good

Always changing sky, nature and its powers are closer than you think. Spend the energizing night at Aurora Pyramid. For two person from 200€ / night. Code: AURORA50 / AURORA40

Feel good

Breath clean Lapland air and return home with new energy. Come and relax. Prices from 200€/ night Code: AURORA50 / AURORA40

Amazing night at Aurora Pyramid 

Spend an unforgettable night and day surrounded by nature and quietness.  

Let your energies reload, feel the power of the pyramid. You can enjoy the beautiful sky and see how it changes.  

Sleeping and meditation in pyramid will help you relax, focus on your thoughts, balance and clean your energy. In the morning, you wake up full of new energy. 

After breakfast you have a perfect chance to go on a little walk to the nature, Relax your mind and body and discover mysterious Elves hideaway. 

After check out, you are able to get your belly full with souplunch at Tonttula cafe.


 4.1 – 28.2.2023

Night for two 395,50€

Use code: AURORA40


Nights for two from 200€ / night 

Use code: AURORA50

Price valid 1.3.-30.4.2023


Reservations from the link below. You also contact us 016 6510 500 or sales@hulluporo.fi

Price includes

* Night in Aurora Pyramid
* Breakfast
* Dinner till 15.4.2023
* Self-directed tour to Elves Hideaway
* Wi-fi connection


From 200€ / 1 night / 2person   Aurora Pyramid


Price valid 1.3.-30.4.2023

Self-directed activities 

When you need light mind and feeling and you don’t know what to do 

* Relax your mind
* Do breathing exercises
* Enjoy the quietness
* Eat well
* Drink a cup of tea
* Rest
* Walk on nature
* Pet the lamb

Get to know more activities of the area from the link below.