Lodge hotel Taivaanvalkeat

In order to experience something else

Stepping in to the main house is like travelling in time. The solid wooden walls shield the atmospheric hall and its warm heart, the huge oven. The flames calm down even the busiest guest. The rocking chairs invite to sit down and to forget all the rush. Let your eyes catch interesting objects which have many stories to tell about living in Lapland.

Downstairs nine cozy double rooms are individually furnished. Soft beds welcome you to sweet dreams. When the lamps lights are off one may see the star figures in the night. There is also on comfortable living room with a fire place and television at the end of the corridor. In the rooms a TV is not needed. In the warmth of the sauna all the tensions are swept away.

Staircase inside the main house but also from the outside lead to upstairs. Therefore upstairs can be totally separated to its own complex. Even up to 12 persons can live in the four rooms. In every one of the rooms has a wooden extra bed. The view from the windows opens up to River Ounasjoki or to the experience forest where the elves live.